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Amanda has trained mostly in American Style Jazz with NZAMD & AJDA, LA Danceforce, though also Hip Hop & Contemporary.  In the last 5 years she's achieved a Contemporary exam and completed the highest level (12) in Performance (Jazz), with DanceNZmade in 2021. She's also done some Musical Theatre classes.  Amanda has been studying dance for 25 years approx including learning and performing etc partner dancing like Salsa, Ceroc etc.  She is now a trained DanceNZMade teacher, which is the syllabus she teaches and is creating opportunities for her students to sit presentations too (like fun exams).  Also to dance at  her live original music events with AJSCeleste Music and other artists. 

Please join the fun and

contact me to join a class!

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Performance (Jazz), Hip Hop & Contemporary,  all ages & levels available.
Prices range from $100-$170: one class p/term

indivudual tuition is $30 - $40 per half hr
45 mins & 1 hour available

Dance classes timetable 

mon - arataki community centre, mount maunganui
4.00 pjzazz 2 (preschool - lower leveL prior Option)
4.40 hip hop adult
contemporary & other levels avail

tues - Paengaroa (TBC)
papamoa library CENTRE 4.15 pm Hip Hop 2
(classes tbc W MORE ENROLMENTS)
wed - fairhaven primary 8.15 am hip hop 
arataki community centre 3.30- 6.30 tbc

(please book to confirm thESE classes first, thanks)

 times subject to change and all other levels, in above genres incl contemporary, avail. pls contact to attend, thx
incl adult classes, individual tuition, events dance etc
other Bay area options  

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NB also individual lessons are avail and smaller classes may be higher fees or shorter
SCROLL DOWN FOR PRICE thank you for your patience & enrolling in celeste dance.  enjoy!
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Amanda releases original music and does regular shows; LIVE MUSIC LIVE DANCE, where her dancers get to choreo and perform. Shows and presentations are very encouraged, as they shape the student to become a great dancer with having to perform to their highest ability, also with extra rehearsals.  She does endeavour to keep the costs lower for these. And its such a great opportunity for all.

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Any payments made, are non-refundable, thank you.

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Banished is the word exam....from this day forth

in the land of the long white cloud and beyond,

proud kiwis (and some not so native birds) will

learn, grow, shine and perform their dance

through DanceNZmade Performance, Contemporary andHip Hop Levels. Studios will become stages anddancers will become celebrated stars!" 

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My Izabell loves to dance, 7yrs old,  and when she heard there was a dance class happening during the holidays she wanted to go. Amanda was more than accommodating to our needs. Izabell had a great time spending the day with Amanda and learning some new steps and styles to add to her dance routine. She even performed some dances at end of the day for us to see.

12/11/19 Michelle Laurent - Whitianga

And please check out my musical summit, thanks, with related professionals, interviews here.  Thanks, its about 'Flower Fairy Musical' which I wrote, choreod and produced in 2014.

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My own choreographed video ...
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Please see some sample videos and photos below, thanks.


Celeste Dance has a culture and Dance Ettiquette for all families also, with Celeste Dance School of mutual respect, kind language, emotionally/physical/spiritual safety.  Please adhere to this at all times to keep a healthy, happy school and be part of an awesome community, thank you. 

Appreciated, Namaste.

PS In light of our health, if I am unwell I will stay home.  I advise you to do the same with family, as most people do, thank you!

Paengaroa Top School Cheerleading w Celeste Dance -March 2020
DanceNZmade event 2020 w Paengaroa School Dance Team:  
Dance In The Flow Of Love, Choreographed by Celeste Dance
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Paengaroa Dance School
Dance Afternoon Dec 2020

School holiday workshops & incl online too, are an option (numbers depending) at Papamoa, tairua, waihi beach, whenuakite & whitianga.  Please enquire for more info

Also Amanda's avail to work as a specialist in schools, to enter dancenzmade comps and to do dance curriculum work.


$40 for half hour or $35 if regular and $30 for half hour if weekly
$75 for the hour $65 if regularly $55 ie if weekly ie for the term
$65 for 45 mins, $55 if regular and $45 if weekly ie for the term
$30 for 15 mins $25 if regular $20 if weekly

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